Dear Parents, Carers and Colleagues

We would like to warmly welcome you to Westerton Primary Academy, an educational centre of excellence where we pride ourselves on our ability to develop all aspects of our learners. Whilst under our guidance, we diligently aim to maximise the educational opportunities of all our children, helping them to identify and fulfil their potential whilst becoming valuable citizens who contribute positively to society.

Our emphasis on academic success is matched by our commitment to developing high artistic standards, physical prowess and an understanding that emotional well-being can be fostered through enriching, positive opportunities to collaborate, support and compete.

A tour of our learning environment reveals confident, enthusiastic young people who are willing to learn and enjoy new challenges. They question, experiment and persevere as they engage with and apply new knowledge, skills and understanding. Their respect and encouragement for each other is derived from the safety of knowing each and every person is valued, diversity is embraced and personalised approaches ensure individual needs are addressed.

Pupil voice is strong at Westerton, it resounds through the School Council to be heard by our supportive Governing Body and extremely committed staff team. The contribution of parents working in harmony with the school is also highly valued and cannot be overestimated. We firmly believe that a strong partnership between home and school begins before a child even enters the classroom. We enjoy working closely with parents, providing information and plentiful opportunities to engage, in order to forge that essential bond to maximise the life chances of every child. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Yours faithfully

Principal:  Mrs Stephanie Makin 

Deputy Principal: Mrs Alison Lazarus

Vice Principal:  Miss Angela Booth

Safeguarding Statement

The Governing Body and staff of Westerton Primary Academy take as our first priority the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of our pupils, to minimise risk and to work together with other agencies to ensure rigorous arrangements are in place within our academy to identify, assess, and support those children who are suffering harm and to keep them safe and secure whilst in our care.

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13 Jan @PirateDaniel17 we think the cuteness is x1000. What are doing next? Lots of love Year 4 #missingyou he's a big critter

12 Jan RT @PirateDaniel17: I be seal spotting today @WestertonPS what do you think of this guy? #yaaar https://t.co/qRwl92QuFA

12 Jan RT @PirateDaniel17: Christchurch done and off we go around New Zealand! #yaaar #Jucy https://t.co/H2j4gku7WT

9 Jan @PirateDaniel17 Fantastic view! Wish we were there.

9 Jan RT @PirateDaniel17: What a view of Brisbane! Next stop Christchurch @WestertonPS where is Christchurch? #forameritpoint #yaaar https://t.c…

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