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Anti-Bullying Guide

Advice for Pupils     Let's make Westerton a bully-free zone!

Nobody likes the idea that there may be times when bullying takes place in our school, but unfortunately it does happen. What we need to do when bullying does occur is put a stop to it fast. You can help us to do this by telling your parents if someone is deliberately making you feel frightened or unhappy at school. Even better, tell your teacher, Phase Leader or Mrs Makin about what is happening and we will try to resolve the problem.

Steps you can take to stop bullying:


  • Tell the person doing the bullying that you don't like what s/he is doing to you. Say 'I don't want you to do that' This way the person knows that what is happening is not fun for you.
  • Try moving away and making new friends
  • Don't try to hit back because you might get into trouble or get hurt
  • Play in busy parts of the playground where plenty of people will be able to see what is happening
  • Try not to react to the bully - pretend you don't care what s/he says - bullies like to see that you are upset
  • If you see someone else being bullied, don't join in because it makes you feel safer - instead, try to help the person being bullied. Talk to them quietly, away from the bully and tell a teacher.

Remember, though, unless you tell someone, then the bullying will carry on.

You can find out more advice through these organisations:

Bullying Online


Your parents can find out more from

ParentPlus 0808 800 2222


Staying Safe Online:

The letter below was recently sent home to Key-stage 2 children from Mr Warwick our E-Safety Officer.

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