ICT Fundraising      




Recent events:

April Chillax:  £640.08

Enterprise project: £936.49

Non-uniform (May): TBC

As you may have heard, we are undertaking a major overhaul of the ICT equipment in school, giving our children the opportunity to learn using the latest classroom technology. 

 Our vision is that all pupils should have access to:

  • Interactive touch-screen technology for interactive lessons with the latest digital content
  • High-speed internet
  • Modern ICT suites
  • Wireless networking that is capable of supporting multiple sets of whole-class individual devices

This technology inevitably comes at a significant cost which is not covered by the school budget.  Although we are one of the largest primary schools in Leeds, our allocated funding per pupil is actually one of the lowest in the region.

Our school target for funding these upgrades stands at £96,000.  We have a full calendar of events to push towards our total, so the wonderful support we receive from children, parents and carers is greatly appreciated.

If you feel you can help in other ways, such as through match funding for events or through sponsorship, we would love to hear from you to discuss incentives we can offer.