Whole School Staffing





S. Makin

Deputy Principal:

A. Lazarus 

Vice Principal:

A. Booth

Senior Leadership and Management Team (SLMT)

S. Makin, A. Lazarus, A. Booth, A. Salter, S. Rook, E. Downes, M. Woodburn, T. Pool,

M. Cassar (Finance), S. Eustace 

Administration Team:

M. Cassar, L.Goddard, K. Edmondson, J. Guy

Special Educational Needs Coordinator:

A. Salter

Foundation Stage Phase Leader:

S. Rook

Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader:

E. Downes

Year 3 & 4 Phase Leader:

M. Woodburn

Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader:

T. Pool

Learning Mentor:

C. Bragg

Early Years Language Support :

D. Harrop

Designated Staff for Child Protection:

S. Makin, A. Lazarus, E. Downes, C. Bragg, M. Woodburn,

S. Eustace, T. Pool, S. Rook

ICT Manager:

S. Morley

Extended Schools Coordinator: 

Helen Kerr 

Family Support Officers:

A. Huddleston, S. Eustace,

N. Walsh

Nursery Teachers:

S. Bushrod, E. Finn, R. Haley

Support Staff:

T. Milner, J. Hawley, S. Garrad, C. Canny, A. Wilsher, L. Nelson

Reception Teachers:

S. Warwick, A. Dobson, L. Dawson

Support Staff:

S. Hofland-Ward, H. Williams, A. Frost,

A. Nelson, S. King, T. Cockroft, J. Quinn, 

L. Nelson

Year 1 Teachers:

E. Hewitt, L. Ely, C. Long

Support Staff: 

A. Wong, F. Widdows, J. Brooke, R. Marshall, J. Sullivan

Year 2 Teachers: 

R. Cromack, P. Clay, D. Kerr

Support Staff:

A. Harvey, J. Butcher, L. McGaughran

Year 3 Teachers:

A. Taylor, E. Stewart, J. Bedford

Support Staff:

M. Dobson, S. Lee, R. Vincent, D. Hardy, A. Smith, J. Morton

Year 4 Teachers:

J. Whawell, S. Chippendale, C. Wells

Support Staff:

L. O'Donovan, A. Brown

Year 5 Teachers:

J. Mitchell, J. Walls, C. McRoyall, G. Gill

Support Staff:

L. Jackson, H. Chiverton

Year 6 Teachers:

A.Walsh, M. Grange, S. Geraldie

Support Staff:

J. Seage, A. Trigwell, L. Howson 

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Team:

Leader: S. Eustace                   

Support Staff:

T. Jones

Site Team:

Site Manager: S. Canning

A. Wrotecka, M. Fletcher, A. Wade, G. Vinter, C. Birkenshaw, V. Sampson, C. Benson, K. Haigh, J. Briggs

Lunchtime Team: 

S.Ainsworth, B. Gent, J. Johnson, C. Kinghorn,  V. Ramsden, P. Russell, S. Shelton, J. Talbot, G. Vinter, A. Wade, K. Tolsen-Archer, A. Haigh, C. Gaal, C. White, C. Jones, T. Parkes


School Meals Clerical:

V. Ramsden

Kitchen Staff:

S. McDermott, D. Palmer, T. Hubbard, A. Wrotecka, K. Skorczewska, A. Dobson, K. Haigh

Casual Teaching Assistants:

T. Crossley, K. Lali, C. Moore

 Teaching Staff: Areas of Additional Responsibility


Curriculum Area:

Staff and Responsibilities


Curriculum Group Leader: L. Dawson / S. Rook

Literacy: L. Dawson

Reading: S. Rook

Modern Foreign Languages:  E. Finn / J. Walls / C. McRoyall


Curriculum Group Leader: M. Grange

Mathematics: M. Grange

Science and Technology

Curriculum Group Leader: T. Pool

Science: T. Pool

Computing: T. Pool


Curriculum Group Leader: M. Grange

Geography: M. Grange

History: M. Grange

Religious Education: S. Bushrod

The Arts

Curriculum Group Leader: A. Walsh

Music: A. Walsh

Art: J. Bedford

Design and Technology: N. McDermott 

Physical and Wellbeing

Curriculum Group Leader: J. Whawell

Physical Education: J. Whawell

SMSC and PSHE: C. Wells

Healthy Schools: S. Chippendale

Other Areas of Responsibility:  

Health and Safety: A. Booth

Educational Visits Coordinator: A. Booth

Sustainability: D. Kerr 

Gifted and Talented: E. Stewart

English as an Additional Language: E. Hewitt 

School Council: T. Pool

Citizenship and Global Dimension:

E-Safety: S. Warwick

ITT Coordinator: A. Booth