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New School Food Standards

5 January 2015 (by admin)

The school is now following a set of new food standards. A copy of which can be found by navigating to http://www.westerton.leeds.sch.uk/parents/dinner-menu

One of the important standards is that biscuits and cakes should only be served at lunchtime and confectionery is not allowed at all. Any snacks that might be given at an after-school club or booster sessions need to comply with the New School Food Standards. Confectionery also includes dried fruit that has been processed e.g. fruit winders. Also combination drinks must be limited to a portion of 330ml. They may contain added vitamins or minerals but no more than 150ml fruit juice. Fruit or vegetable juice combination drinks must be at least 45% fruit or vegetable juice by volume. (So we can't provide squash/cordial).