Maths in Year 2

Here is an overview of the topics covered in the year group. It gives an idea of when each topic is taught but this may vary depending on the need of the children in the cohort.


Autumn Term

Spring Term Summer Term


 Number and Place Value


Statistics: Graphs Fractions
Calculations: Worded Problems


Calculations: Addition and Subtraction


Measurement: Money Measurement: Time


 Calculation: Multiplication and division of 2, 5 and 10


Geometry – Properties of Shapes:

2-D Shapes and 3-D Shapes

Measurement: Volume 


Measurement: Length



Measurement: Mass


Fractions Review and Revisit 


 Measurement: Temperature




Knowledge Organiser

Learning at Home


To help with children’s learning, we would encourage them to consolidate their understanding of these facts and mental strategies. This selection builds upon those which have been given in the previous years and gives the foundations of their learning to come.
A solid understanding of these can support children’s school learning and allow them to access the more complex elements of mathematics.
Children may also, occasionally, be given Learn Its. These support children to develop their knowledge and memory of what they will need to know for upcoming topics in maths. This is not homework as such but is sent home to support children’s school work.
Children are also encouraged to access TTRS daily to ensure a rapid recall of the multiplication facts.


Key Stage 1 Mathematics Test

In May, children in year 2 will take their end of key stage 1 SAT tests. These include two mathematics tests: an arithmetic paper and a reasoning paper. Throughout the year, children will be exposed to the range of questions they may find on these in lessons throughout the year.



Arithmetic Paper


This consists of 25 one mark questions where quick and calculation is needed.

The children are given around 20 minutes to complete the test but it is not strictly timed. They may be given a break during the administration if needed.

The questions are numbered and have space for the children to complete their working out



Reasoning Paper

This consists of one and two mark questions which test children’s mathematical thinking, problem solving and reasoning abilities.

The children are given around 35 minutes to complete around 35 questions but it is not strictly timed. They may be given a break during the administration if needed

There are a range of different question types in this paper. They are numbered and have space for the children to do their working out.


Year 2 Rapid Recall Facts/Mental Strategies


• Count forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s, and 5s
• Count forwards and backwards in 10s from any number
• Application of number bonds to 10
      e.g. bonds to 100
• Tables allocation
     2, 5 and 10
• Doubles
     To double up to 10 (10+10=20)
• Halves
     To halve up to 20
• Number of pence in a pound
• Recognise the value of coins
• Tell time to 5 minute intervals
     Including quarter past and to
• Number of minutes in an hour
• Number of hours in a day
• Number of centimeters in a meter
• Number of grams in a kilogram
• Number of millilitres in a litre




Please look at the slide show below for some example questions for the arithmetic and reasoning paper.