Nursery Information

We have a revised curriculum this year in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our teaching and learning is now planned and assessed in seven different areas.  

Prime Areas –

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Specific Areas –



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


 Autumn Term Teaching and Learning –

Prime Areas –

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Settle into Nursery life, getting to know staff and each other

Playing games, taking turns and sharing

Learning Nursery routines and feeling secure

Learning to find and use resources and to tidy them away

Enjoying Christmas celebrations 

Communication and Language

Listening and talking to each other

Following instructions

Learning new vocabulary as we talk about Autumn and Christmas

Listening to and joining in with stories, rhymes and songs

Physical Development

Playing outside with bikes, balls, hoops etc

Running games, avoiding obstacles and each other

Learning the rules of playing outside

Moving to music

Playing inside with beads, jigsaws etc to develop fine motor skills

Learning to use scissors with supervision


Specific Areas –


Number rhymes and songs

Puzzles with numbers, shapes and colours

Sorting and matching activities

Solving number problems

Recognising numbers to 5 (and beyond for some children)



Looking at books and talking about stories

Looking at print in the environment and recognizing logos like “McDonalds”, “ASDA” and “Thomas”


Shared writing activities where adults write and explain this process to the children

Making marks and talking about what they represent

Writing our names

Tracing and copying letter shapes

Understanding the World


Construction with a wide range of kits

Exploring the sand and water trays with lots of different toys


Computers and ICT toys

Going on an Autumn Walk

Learning about Christmas celebrations and traditions

Expressive Arts and Design

Free exploration of paints, glue, collage, pens, pencils, different types of paper, glitter, lolly sticks etc!

Learning how to draw ourselves

Exploring the role play areas

Listening to different kinds of music and moving in response to it

Playing musical instruments

These are just some of the things that we have planned. As well as planning what we want to teach, we listen to and observe the children and use their interests and ideas in future planning.

For the Spring and Summer Term, please see the Nursery area of the Learning Platform (The address was in your Welcome Pack, see a member of staff if you need a reminder!)