Sponsorship Policy


A sponsor is a person or firm that provides support to the school to assist in the purchase of materials or for an event or activity to take place.  Funds or equipment may be provided with a reciprocal obligation involved (eg in return for publicity, reports or return visits) or with “no strings attached.”


The Governing Body welcomes support from individuals and businesses for the school.  Our overarching principles in considering offers or requests for sponsorship are that:

  • there should be an educational benefit for the children
  • the aims of the school should not be compromised
  • all applications should be vetted by the Governing Body, who will have the final decision
  • correct procedures are followed where money or goods are received, as in line with our existing financial procedures.  All receipts to be reported in the Governors’ Annual Report
  • parents or small local businesses should not feel pressurised to provide sponsorship
  • in receiving sponsorship the School gives no endorsement of products or services
  • the products are unlikely to be detrimental to health or wealth
  • staff time is not significantly used to pursue sponsorship links.

In seeking sponsorship where significant sums of money are involved (£100 and over) we should approach multinational firms or large companies.  Care should be exercised when dealing with approaches from parents.  Offers of support are welcome but approaches which seek to use the school as an advertising vehicle are unacceptable.  Other opportunities to advertise are available through patronage of PTFA events.

Wherever possible it should be volunteers, rather than staff, who actively seek sponsorship in order to ensure that core teaching functions are not affected by peripheral activities.  There should be clear understanding by all involved of what funds are required, the content of this policy and what type of approach is agreed.  All approaches to firms should be open and honest and should reflect well on the school.

We will not seek or accept offers of sponsorship from firms marketing tobacco or alcohol or from firms whose main business is the provision of financial advice.

Advertising through use of curriculum materials/schemes

Care needs to exercised when using materials which carry sponsors’ names and information about particular products.  Teachers should use their discretion in this.  Children and parents must not be made to feel under any pressure to buy a specific product or shop at a specific outlet.  This will be made clear to children when such schemes are discussed.

Requests for Sponsorship from the School

Requests will be considered on individual merit by the Headteacher and Governing Body.  Where it is agreed to make a donation to an organisation this will be done through non - public funds and along general financial guidelines as set out by the LEA.