Road Safety Project



We are delighted and grateful to have had the on-going support of our Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to help make the area around our school a safer place for children and families.  Like many schools, traffic congestion can cause real problems with parking and speeding which can give us safety concerns.  The PCSOs have really helped us to raise awareness of the problem by training up some of our Y5 children so they could undertake a 'Mini-Police' initiative.  This meant they were able to patrol the local area around our school, encouraging parents to park considerately and safely.  The children designed parking tickets and even handed out punishments to errant parents, such as the writing of lines by way of an apology!  The children also designed speeding tickets to issue and accompanied the PCSOs to monitor the speed of motorists using a 'Speed Gun.'  Parents were very co-operative and most tried to ensure the standards of their driving and parking were high.  The children and Police then updated the whole school about the success of this initiative in an assembly.