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  • Important security news
    We are upgrading our main entrance security. Please read the content for further details on how to access the school via the main entrance.
  • Wonderful Work Of The NSPCC
    Following the tremendous success of the 'Spellathon' last year, we were even more committed this year to beating our previous total and the 'Multiples Marathon' raised a staggering £4428.77.
  • New School Food Standards
    The school is now following a set of new food standards. A copy of which can be found by navigating to http://www.westerton.leeds.sch.uk/parents/dinner-menu
  • Message from Leeds Safeguarding Board
    If you are buying your child a computer, tablet or games console this Christmas then please read the advice sent by Leeds Safeguarding Board.
  • Pressure on School Places
    A letter from Leeds City Council regarding the pressure on school places in the local area.
  • MAT Parents' Consultation- Meeting Minutes
    Minutes of this consultation are now avaliable.
  • Child Friendly Leeds
    See our page on CFL under "Our School - Aims and Ethos"
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