• Everyone at Westerton Primary Academy is committed to promoting good attendance and punctuality. 
  • All members of staff are made aware of how their role impacts on attendance and punctuality as well as the expectations of them in ensuring consistent application of the policy, and the use of absence codes. 
  • Westerton Primary Academy will support pupils and parents/carers to achieve good attendance and punctuality, working closely with parents/ carers where absence is a cause for concern. 
  • Westerton Primary Academy strives for 100% attendance for all pupils. Attendance above 96% is deemed as good attendance. 
  • Promoting good attendance is a whole school responsibility.  The Attendance Team oversee that the procedures outlined in this policy are in place and being followed so that we are safeguarding pupils and they come to school regularly.   
  • Please refer to the academy website for details on how to contact school in the event of your child being absent. Timings of the school day can also be found here. 


Role/ Department 


Name and role 

Contact Details 

SLT member responsible for Attendance: 


Mrs Jane Sayers 


Administration Team Contact: 


Mrs Lorna Goddard 


Governor responsible for attendance: 

Mrs Emma Park 

Leodis Family Support Worker:  

Miss N Power 

0113 887 3618 

LSS Cluster Co-ordinator: 

Mrs V Hayden 

0113 887 3609 



Doors open 


School starts 


AM registers close 


Time pupils marked late 


PM registers close 



Illness and First Day Absence 

If your child is unable to attend school due to illness, you should inform us personally, by telephoning on the first day of each absence before 830am.   We are obliged to contact parents to seek explanations for children's absence if you do not supply us with this information.  Home visits may be made if a child’s absence is unexplained. 

Where the child is absent through illness or medical appointments this will normally authorised.  Where we have concerns over absence patterns through illness we may ask to meet parents and seek further information from health professionals and other agencies in order to gain a fuller picture of the problems and to offer support. The school reserve the right not to authorise absences. 


Medical/Dental Appointments 

Medical appointments should be arranged outside school hours, but we accept that this is not always possible.  Where children need to attend such appointments during the school day it is important that parents make us aware of this. Children can be collected from the main.  Please bring your child to the office on returning from the appointment so they can be signed back in.  This is in order that the child is registered in the event of emergency evacuation.   


Difficulties with attendance. 

Westerton Primary Academy want to help our parents support their children with their attendance. If you are having difficulties with your child’s attendance, please contact the school office where support can be offered. Westerton has a dedicated well-being team that can offer support to your child, and can give help and advice to parents.