Welcome to Westerton Primary Academy Parent Council 

The purpose of our Parent Council shall be to advise the Principal on how to:
● improve learning conditions for all children at Westerton Primary Academy
● ensure that learning is interactive and interesting
● ensure that planning and teaching are pupil centred
● ensure improved outcomes for all
● ensure that learning is fun

Parent Council Terms of Reference

Parent Council Members

Sandra Lumley (Clerk) Nursery
Nicola Chadburn (Vice Chair) Reception
Laura Twohey Reception
Jarnail Bath Reception
Natalie Sampson Year 1
Stephanie McGuire Year 1
Emma Skitt Year 1
Kelly Cawood Year 2
Gareth Twohey Year 2
Kim Tate Year 3
Laura Wood Year 3
Helena T Year 4
Andrea Knipe (Chair) Year 5
Louisa Pouncett Year 6