At Westerton Primary Academy, we want children to be curious about the world around them, have the opportunity to explore this and generate their own questions about it. Our scheme of work ‘Snap Science’ ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum and fosters a sense of wonder about the natural world. Sound understanding of scientific language is key, this is specifically taught and extended in each year group and as topics are revisited. Knowledge organisers are also used to promote this key vocabulary and broader scientific knowledge.

Throughout our school, children are encouraged to develop and use a range of ‘working scientifically’ skills. Our scheme ‘Snap Science’ leads with a question and allows the children to investigate, research and observe for themselves. We encourage children to be independent thinkers, posing their own questions and making decisions when planning an experiment or investigation.

Our Science curriculum is inclusive and allows access for all pupils. To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Science from Nursery to year 6, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout. At the start of each unit, teachers take time to find out what the children already understand and what they want to find out. In Early Years, ‘Understanding the world,’ is covered through both indoor and outdoor provision. Teachers adapt and extend the curriculum to match the children’s interests and needs. We include the use of technology where appropriate, to support teaching and learning in Science.

At Westerton we seek to promote children’s independence and encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning, with opportunities for full scientific enquiry in each unit of work. Many lessons involve aspects of ‘working scientifically.’ As the children progress through school, the emphasis placed on investigative work continues to develop, allowing the children to pose a question and plan their own investigations to try to answer it. Teachers are also encouraged to extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom, with relevant visits or visitors as appropriate to enhance our children’s learning experiences.

Through the teaching of Westerton’s science curriculum, our children are able to experience the wonder of the world around them.