English is the development of the essential life skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Children need to be able to read and write in order to communicate and access information and ideas. At Westerton, we aim to combine the teaching of reading and writing within a context that is meaningful, purposeful and creative. In reading, we engage and immerse the children in a wide range of highly quality texts to be informed, entertained, make sense of themselves and the world around them, and to appreciate the writer’s craft. Whole class reading helps to meet these objectives and reading for pleasure is encouraged all the way through school. In writing, we combine the building blocks of phonics, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling so that children can write in ways which are interesting, engaging and powerful. In this way, children can produce a range of different text types which communicate information, ideas, imagery and emotions. The ability to read and write is not an end in itself: it is the gateway to academic success, improved life expectations and lifelong learning.