At Westerton Primary Academy, we understand the strong correlation between reading abilities from a young age and the future life chances of our learners. We therefore prioritise Reading in our curriculum to ensure every pupil learns to read regardless of their background, needs or abilities. We recognise that the components required to develop children into skilled, inquisitive readers, include systematic phonics, reading fluency and language comprehension.
Timetables prioritise Reading and significant time is dedicated each day to teaching ‘reading skills.’ In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children read every day during Bug Club Phonics sessions. In Key Stages 1 and 2, the trust’s Accelerated Reader approach combined with Whole-Class Reading ensure that all children have access to appropriately challenging, language-rich texts that develop the comprehension skills children need to access the wider curriculum and beyond.

Our phonics scheme at Westerton is Bug Club.  Click on the image above to access the Bug Club website.  Below is a letter introducing how we use Bug Club, a guide to the platform and an introductory video from Mrs Dawson.

Below are Westerton's "100 Books to read in..." lists. Why not use the list below for a birthday gift or weekend treat?

At least one copy of each book is available in our school library.