Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


We are pleased to welcome you to our EYFS page. We are a large team and provide quality Early Years Education to 90 Reception (F2) Pupils and 104 Nursery (F1) Pupils (52 Place Area Nursery). Our Nursery offers flexible sessions and parents can choose from AM, PM, 1st Half (Monday all day, Tuesday all day, Wednesday AM) or 2nd Half (Wednesday PM, Thursday all day, Friday all day). 

A copy of our Admissions Policy and Specific EYFS policy can be found in our Policy Section.

For specific EYFS information, please do not hesitate to contact the EYFS Phase Leader, Mrs Emily Dufton for lots of useful information about the EYFS Framework and documents, parents are encouraged to visit the Foundation Years Website. School has also produced a quick guide to the EYFS which can be viewed here.

We aim to work in partnership with Parent/s and Carer/s. We run a selection of parental workshops throughout the year.