Mathematics is an integral part of everyday life and society: it helps us to make sense of our world. Successes within maths can provide real enjoyment as we realise the power of the subject and the opportunities a good understanding of it can provide. It is a fundamental stepping stone into so many future career pathways. Through mathematics, we encourage our children to have a way of thinking that supports them in so many other aspects of the curriculum and in developing countless other life skills. By equipping them with confidence, knowledge and a range of skills, maths can help children to overcome many of the challenges faced in everyday life.

Our curriculum takes inspiration from international best practice and follows the National Curriculum framework to guide children towards a mastery of the subject. By embedding the solid foundations for a deep understanding of mathematical concepts in primary education, we can support our children to carry better numeracy skills and a positive attitude towards mathematics throughout their lives.

Within areas of provision, personalised learning conversations and directed teaching time, we provide opportunities for our youngest children to develop their understanding of number and a range of different mathematical concepts. They solve the problems that they face in everyday situations and talk about this with the help of thought-provoking adult questioning. At this stage, children’s reasoning ability and acquisition of mathematical language begins to shine. Learning focuses on the concrete and pictorial representation of aspects as they begin their mathematical journey.

As they progress through school, children explore a range of representations and, at each year group stage, consolidate their understanding of the concrete and pictorial before exploring further the abstract representations of the concepts being taught. Their ever-developing number fluency, accuracy in the use of the language of mathematics and instant recall of key facts allows our learners to access increasingly complex challenges and seek out patterns to develop their reasoning. Eventually, children refine their practice and utilise the most efficient methods when approaching sophisticated, multi-step problem solving tasks. Our mixed ability classes provide opportunities for children to develop this understanding, to explore misconceptions, to expand their reasoning skills and to problem solve through a carefully considered lesson pathway. Children are guided through varied practice until they are secure. At this point, they are challenged to independently apply a variety of approaches and logical thinking to a range of contextualised, real-world problems and investigations. Within this context, the children understand the purpose behind the need for success in mathematics and have a sense of satisfaction in their achievements.

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