Curriculum Intent - Excellence For All

Westerton has created an ambitious curriculum, providing excellence for all, with the needs of our children and community at its heart. Our teaching enables children to develop an understanding of their home, their town, their wider community and the people and places beyond. Westerton’s curriculum provides children with deep, sequenced knowledge, concepts and values. Interwoven through these, are our key threads of diversity, developing vocabulary and the importance of being a fluent reader, all which are essential for children to meet their full potential and grow into well-rounded, responsible, successful members of a global society.

Westerton’s curriculum has been written so children make strong academic progress and our pupil outcomes at the end of KS2 reflect this. We aim to ensure our children attain at least their expected standard or higher, in English, Maths and Science at all key assessment points. All National Curriculum subjects are taught and the importance of each is recognised. The carefully selected knowledge from the Foundation Subjects like History, PSHE, Music, French and Geography, all contribute to children’s greater understanding of the world around them and pave the way, alongside Reading, Writing and Maths, for their learning at KS3 and beyond.

At Westerton we recognise, accept and celebrate different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and life choices. We promote good physical and mental health, emphasising the need for our children to become confident, healthy, self-motivated adults. Our curriculum nurtures character, citizenship and is designed to be a ‘curriculum for remembering,’ ensuring children are academically and socially prepared for the next step in their educational journey.

The curriculum offer at Westerton, encompasses everything we do and includes many enrichment activities within and beyond the school day. Children learn new skills and gain a breadth of experience by joining clubs or attending day trips or residential visits where they can see the sights in London, experience a play in the West End, crawl through a cave in the Yorkshire Dales or visit Eyam, to learn about the Bubonic Plague which supports the History curriculum. Children take part in sports teams, sing in our choirs, or learn an instrument and are part of the orchestra. Our aim is to create confident children, who are willing to ‘give it a go!’

At Westerton we understand our role in preparing children to be successful adults in the ever-changing world around them. Where there are barriers, we pride ourselves on embracing different approaches, providing support and instilling self-discipline. We value all children’s individuality and encourage them to aim high.