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Admissions Policy                       Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that a place in Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception

Nursery Admissions

Our standard admission number throughout the school is 90.  Children start full time education in Reception classes at the beginning of the school year in which they are five.  Places in Reception are offered to children up to the allocation limit according to the Authority’s admission criteria administered by the Allocations Section.  A copy of the admission policy detailing admissions into all schools administered by the Admissions Department of Leeds City Council Children’s Services is available from the School Office, Merrion House or here.  You will need to apply by submitting a preference form.  The Admissions Department’s telephone number is 0113 222 4414 and their staff will be happy to advise you further.  You should apply in writing or online by visiting

Leeds City Council Children’s Services

School Admissions Department

10th Floor East

Merrion House

110 Merrion Centre

Leeds LS2 8DT 

Telephone:  0113 222 4414

Where there are more applications than places, then decisions are made according to the priority criteria set out by School Admissions in their admissions policy for all community schools.  These, in brief are: 

children with a statement of special educational needs naming Westerton as the most suitable school or where School Admissions decide a child needs a place at Westerton to fulfil special educational needs.

Children with brothers or sisters who will be at the school at the start of the school year.

Parental preference, firstly for children for whom the school is the nearest Leeds school



The school is now in a position to offer a place for in-year transfers provided that there are no outstanding applications held by the Admissions Department of the Authority. You should apply to the headteacher in the first instance who may offer you a place if the year group roll stands at less than 90.  If there are special circumstances (covered by the Fair Access protocols) around your child's needs then the headteacher may wish to consult with the Authority before a place is offered. If you wish your child to move from another Leeds school you will need to complete a  transfer form. which must also be completed by your child’s current school. 

Any queries around admissions should be made to  

Lorna Goddard

Office Manager

Westerton Primary School

Hesketh Lane


Wakefield WF3 1AR

Tel:  0113 253 3504

Fax:  0113 252 1050 




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