Modern British Values


Modern British values at Westerton Primary School

At Westerton we promote and support modern British values while aiming to prepare our pupils to be active citizens in a multicultural and diverse society.  

Britain’s history, culture and heritage are celebrated in numerous ways. The annual Year 6 residential weekend to London includes visits to many attractions of fundamental historical importance to our history: the Cutty Sark, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Victorian Day in Year 5 is the culmination of a history topic learning about a crucial period in Britain’s history, and involves pupils and teachers acting in role as members of a Victorian school. Britain’s cultural contributions to the world are showcased in the annual good speaking competition, a poetry recital by pupils during which recent recitals have included poetry by William Blake and William Shakespeare as well as seminal modern British poets such as Michael Rosen.  Assemblies provide crucial opportunities for pupils to learn about nationally important events, and in recent years pupils have enjoyed assemblies about The vote to leave the European Union, the the Tour de Yorkshire’s introduction and the Rio Olympics. Our system of elected class councillors plays a crucial role in giving pupils a voice in our school, and provides pupils a taste of Britain’s proud democratic tradition.  The Year 6 School Council has an important part in leading these pupils in actioning change across the school.  Recently, they have worked towards improving school lunches and developing more activities at break times. 

Alongside an education in Britain’s history and important cultural heritage, Westerton celebrates the plethora of cultures that coalesce to form the vibrant society of twenty-first century Britain. At Westerton we celebrate and promote inclusion and diversity.   Our annual Musical Evening includes a variety of music from around the world. European Day in September each year allows each year group to learn about a different European country, its history and importance in the world. Annual educational visits include visiting different venues of worship around Leeds as part of RE topics, as well as having visitors from different faiths to lead assemblies.

Westerton has recently been chosen to take part in a pilot scheme working with the West Yorkshire Police to improve citizenship and community relationships.  These lessons focus primarily on laws and offences to reduce opportunities for offending by educating and empowering young people to become familiar with our legal system.


Click here for the DfE's guidance document on British Values for all schools.