Our School Ethos

At Westerton Primary Academy we aim to provide high quality education in a caring and inclusive setting.  We work together to enable all children to achieve well, gain confidence and contribute in a positive way to the school and the community.

We are committed to working closely in partnership with parents, believing that children thrive in the clear knowledge that school and parents are supporting them and their efforts. 



“We want our children to be happy, healthy, safe and successful, to believe in themselves and to make a positive mark in the community.”


  • We put children’s needs first

  • We  respect and support each other

  • We celebrate achievements and talents

  • We are open and fair in our words and actions

  • We believe in co-operation and professionalism

  • We work hard to improve the school and get things right

  • We are ready to take on new challenges

  • We communicate clearly and consistently

  • We share good ideas

  • We are all reflective learners

There have been many and varied aims statements published over the years. Our aims take account of various published documents, but they have been drawn up with our pupils, school and community especially in mind:

  • To help each pupil to achieve full potential, encouraging individuals to become independent, self-motivated and self - disciplined members of school and society.

  • To ensure that our pupils become literate and numerate and are able to apply  critical thought, recognise and appreciate creativity and have opportunities to be creative themselves in a wide range of activities.

  • To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum allowing for pupils' differing abilities and aptitudes that leads to success for every child.

  • To provide a positive and stimulating learning environment so that pupils enjoy coming to school.

  • To build confidence, self respect and a positive self image in each child and in turn to help pupils to work co-operatively with politeness and consideration for others: to encourage pride in the school and community and to establish high standards in work and behaviour.

  • To enable each pupil to develop physical awareness and expertise, stressing the virtues and values of healthy lifestyles

  • To develop in pupils a respect for other people’s cultures and origins, recognising the valuable contribution made by them; moreover to reject racist attitudes, language and behaviour.

  • To provide opportunities for spiritual growth and to emphasise the miracle of our being, the world and the universe. 

  • To help children to empathise with religious believers and to consider their own beliefs.

  • To give pupils the beginnings of an awareness of the workings of economic and political structure and the interdependence of people in small and large communities.

  • To develop an understanding of local and global ecological links and to encourage a respect and concern for the environment and issues of sustainability

  • To prepare pupils for an ever changing world of work and leisure.