Westerton's 5 Minute Walking Zone



As a school we are always looking for ways to promote sustainable modes of travel. In an attempt to do this, our Eco Warriors have been on a mission to establish a 5 Minute Walking Zone around our school. Our children took to the streets with maps of the local area and timed routes that could be walked from Westerton entrance within 5 minutes. 


On the map below you can see our red routes. These are the streets that we would like to see less cars on. When collecting the children from school or dropping the children off at school, our Eco Warriors are asking that you aim to park outside the walking zone and walk the 5 minutes to school. If you do this on the morning and afternoon, our children will be walking an extra 10 minutes per day. 10 minutes of walking per day has proven health benefits and is also a fantastic way to be a little greener.


  Map of 5 Minute Walking Zones