Year 3 Computing

Here is an overview of the topics covered in the year group.  It gives an idea of when each topic is taught but this may vary depending on the need of the children in the cohort

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
E-safety -Being a responsible digital citizen, cyberbullying, recognising fake emails and what to do. Using Technology, Software and Data -pros and cons of digital/paper databases, sorting and filtering databases, database vocabulary: field, record and data, creating and interpreting charts and graphs.

Email and Internet -write and send an email: subject, "to", "from" and attachments. Login/out of email, replying to email. 

 Networks and Data Representation - How data is transferred, purpose of a network, wired/wireless networks

 Enhancing creations: music, sounds and text. Recording and using photos to tell as story 

Computational thinking - Use algorithm to explain the role of different parts of a computer, explain how simple algorithms work and their purposes, form an algorithm independently, use decomposition to explore the code behind an animation.