Interview Process

If you have any further questions about the application and interview process, feel free to contact our team on 07541693108.

The Interview Process                   

After careful consideration of your application form, and the academic references that accompany it, we will decide whether to invite you to a selection day at one of the partnership schools. You will be warmly welcomed by friendly faces who are all integral members of the partnership and its schools.


The selection day will consist of:

  • A welcome talk and introduction to the programme.
  • A guided tour of the school.
  • A short teaching activity with a class of children.
  • A set of written tasks.
  • A formal interview with a panel of Senior Leaders from the Partnership.


Please remember that we will use the selection day to seek applicants who will be effective trainee teachers; we're not expecting you to be an 'outstanding' teacher just yet! We are looking for your potential to be a great trainee teacher with us. 


Alternative Arrangements 

Currently, some of our interviews are taking place remotely. If this is the case, you will be welcomed into a virtual meeting with Senior Leaders from the Partnership. During this, there will be a formal interview and a 15 minute teaching task. Details of this will be sent to you if you are successful when applying. 

It is likely that you will be invited to visit school at a later date where you will have the opportunity to meet past and current SCITT Teachers as well as tour the site.


Additional Information

If you are successful at interview, we will update the DfE website as soon as possible. We will also aim to follow up the interview with a phone call to provide you with some feedback. In the weeks that follow, we will be in touch further to give you information about upcoming induction days and events you may wish to attend.